Fletcher & Blaney’s Music Jams and Poetry Slams

Fletcher & Blaney’s Music Jams and Poetry Slams – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, ablekirby, DuhLaurien, makeheroism, HeyCitizen, M. Andrew Jones, Tom Starkweather, SirSpencer, SirTJ, boo-bury, NetNed, marykateultra, boolysteed – Carolyn and Fletcher with special guest Laurien in the smoker LIVE after No Agenda, we listen to your music, original poetry, your call-ins and much more!

Featured Songs & Poetry:

Hey Citizen – Hardware Store Lady 

Tom Starkweather – number 1 , read M Andrews Jones The end of Marvelous

The Doerfels (SirTJ) – You Are Free 

Makeheroism – Have Fun

Able Kirby – The Game

Hey Citizen- Autistic girl

Fletcher – CDTC

Tom Starkweather – Number two , read M Andrew Jones The End of Marvelous

The Doerfels – Love is Worth Fighting For 

Fletcher – Why Not

Tom Starkweather – Number 3 Laurien read poem entitled  infinite solutions by SirSpencer

The Doerfels – Dark Song

Carolyn Original Poetry – Diaper in the Road 

Fletcher featuring Laurien – Lady of the Evening

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