Hog Story #81 Extrovert Mario

Hog Story #81 Extrovert Mario – Exec. Prods. BillyBon3s, G33Ksquared, Mutter – photograph by Lisa Bemrose – Carolyn and John discuss a wide range of topics including, sex dolls in football stands, Harldand Williams Two Guys in their Underpants, Watermelons on heads, Fred Willard, your voicemails and much more. In the Smoker

Frank Zappa Interview from 91 on youtube with NZ film maker Geoff Steven

Brown is a weird color

Fed Smoker youtube videos

Bernie Sanders tweet


Fred Willard Wiki


Nancy Pelosi and Michael Jackson

Harland Williams – 2 Guys in their Underpants

JRE #1474 Dr. Rhonda Patrick

YMH Tiger King Picks

Watermelon Heads


Sex Doll Fans


Cold Read


God – Monty Python

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