Everything Is Lit

01. Hog Story Trumpy Song by Sir Spencer, The Wolf of Kansas City

02. Hardware Store Lady by HeyCitizen

03. No. 1 Chapter 3 by Tom Starkweather, Carolyn Blaney, M. Andrew Jones

04. Battle Trance by Ian Kilmer, John Fletcher

05. You Are Free by The Doerfels

06. WDC by John Fletcher, Carolyn Blaney

07. Have Fun by MakeHeroism

08. The Game by AbleKirby

09. Autistic Girl by HeyCitizen

10. CDTC by John Fletcher

11. Worth Fighting For by The Doerfels

12. Why Not by John Fletcher

13. Infinite Solutions by Sir Spencer, Laurien Rose, and Tom Starkweather

14. Diaper In the Road by Carolyn Blaney and John Fletcher

15. Dark Song by The Doerfels

16. Lady of the Evening feat. Laurien Rose by John Fletcher

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