La Trappe a Fromage: A Hog Story Convo

Hog Story Convo #6 – La Trappe a Framage – Carolyn and John sit down with Sir Mathieu Helie, Baron of the Candinavian Hull. We talk about a great many things. You just have to listen. Special thanks to BillyBon3s for the into/outro music, “Fire Up That Grill”

A Hog Story Convo: Water All the Elites

Hog Story Convo with Darren O’Neill – Water All the Elites – Exec. Prods. Carolyn Blaney, John Fletcher, and Darren O’Neill – We discuss such a wide range of topics with the great Darren O that I can’t remember enough for this little blurb. Thanks and enjoy!

A Hog Story Convo: Cartography Not Included

Carolyn and John hang out with our friend Sir Mathieu, The Bemroses! Who knows what we talked about. There’s only one way to find out for sure. Thank you for your courage in advance for listening

Harambe Humperdink

Harambe Humperdink – Exec. Prods. Thomas Nussbaum, Carolyn Blaney and John Fletcher – Hog Story conversation with Archduke Thomas Nussbaum of No Agenda fame. We discuss a wide range of topics including defibrilators, Harambe, Elon Musk, and so much more

Hit Record: A Hog Story Convo

John Fletcher and Brandi Jennings discuss a wide range of topics, including last names as first names and debt slavery This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.