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  • Hog Story #332 – Chocolate Pants

    Hog Story #332 – Chocolate Pants

    Hog Story #332 – Chocolate Pants – Exec. Prods. nodebit, voidzero, serpent, BP – Fletcher was joined in the smoker by serpent for a Boxing Day episode, where meteorology, muppets, and many other skills were discussed, as well as your voicemails. It’s goes like baby, baby NOTES Quartz Crystals Rossby Waves https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/rossby-wave.html#:~:text=Oceanic%20Rossby%20Waves&text=Unlike%20waves%20that%20break%20along,can%20change%20Earth’s%20climate%20conditions. Saturn’s Hexagon https://www.space.com/30608-mysterious-saturn-hexagon-explained.html…