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  • Hog Story #55 Bombshell Eclipse

    Hog Story #55 – Bombshell Eclipse – Exec. Prods. – Hacker Mike, G33ksquared, Dame and Sir Bemrose – Carolyn and John discuss a wide range of topics including, Fatbergs, Femine Baby Books, bodies inside the Alamo, Barry Honey Sherman, and we’ll listen to your voicemails.

  • La Trappe a Fromage: A Hog Story Convo

    Hog Story Convo #6 – La Trappe a Framage – Carolyn and John sit down with Sir Mathieu Helie, Baron of the Candinavian Hull. We talk about a great many things. You just have to listen. Special thanks to BillyBon3s for the into/outro music, “Fire Up That Grill”