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  • Hog Story #181 – Dragon Off

    Hog Story #181 – Dragon Off – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, sirspudthemitey, SirBemrose, Patrick Seymour – Carolyn and Fletcher have fun discussions and listen to voicemails with Sir Ryan Bemrose in the smoker. Laughs were had!

  • Hog Story #139 Catman Catman

    Hog Story #139 – Catman Catman – Carolyn and John are joined in the smoker by none other than Catman Catman aka Sir Ryan Bemrose

  • Hog Story #131 Pre Comes

    Hog Story #131 – Pre Comes – Carolyn and John are joined in the smoker by the lovely Kym O’Neill and some dude named Darren

  • A Hog Story Convo: Water All the Elites

    Hog Story Convo with Darren O’Neill – Water All the Elites – Exec. Prods. Carolyn Blaney, John Fletcher, and Darren O’Neill – We discuss such a wide range of topics with the great Darren O that I can’t remember enough for this little blurb. Thanks and enjoy!