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  • Hog Story #92 Pekin Please

    Hog Story #92 Pekin Please – Exec. Prod. Quirkess – Carolyn and John discuss a wide range of topics including Chris D’Elia, Carolyn’s Cooking with Cast Iron, LSD, Where’s Waldo, your voicemails and much more NOTES We looked up Piquant in Carolyn’s giant dictionary, but couldn’t find it Tree Goats Bill Maher Celebrity Gang Bang…

  • S1E31: LSD Bible

    Hog Story S1E31 – LSD Bible – Exec. Prods. – Little Miss Murdermittens and Arch Duke Thomas Nussbaum – Carolyn and John discuss a wide range of topic, including, the word crazy, an art giveaway, women’s soccer and much more

  • S1E25: Sudden Smells

    Hog Story S1E25 Sudden Smells Carolyn and John discuss LSD on synth wire, movie reviews, cooking steak, Mount Everest, Biden’s IQ, and Teresa May. We also listen to your voicemails