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  • Hog Story #312 – Internet Chain Smoker

    Hog Story #312 – Internet Chain Smoker

    Hog Story #312 – Internet Chain Smoker – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, John C. Dvorak, cbrooklyn112, AbleKirby, SirOma, coldacid, phifer, Boolysteed, Tom Starkweather, NetNed – Fletcher and Carolyn welcome special guest John C. Dvorak in the smoker for lively discussion mostly with Fletcher when Carolyn’s internet wasn’t down. Curtains are a box fan NOTES John […]

  • Hog Story #296 – Vengeful Brew

    Hog Story #296 – Vengeful Brew – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, phifer, NetNed, BP, coldacid, Mutter, Joe O’Connor – Carolyn and Fletcher were joined by Ryan Bemrose in the smoker LIVE after No Agenda and we took your calls for the FIVE MINUTE LIMIT! Edible hummus vehicle NOTES Party Ball Beer https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5127/5226969473_00e823cd18_z.jpg Spicy Beer

  • Hog Story #287 – Upfeathers

    Hog Story #287 – Upfeathers – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, ablekirby, lavish, phifer, SeeDubs, SirVo, cbrooklyn112, Boolysteed – Carolyn and Fletcher are joined by Boo-Bury in the smoker for the 5 Minute Limit after Sunday’s No Agenda. The horse in the boot

  • Hog Story #222 – Round Aboot

    Hog Story #222 – Round Aboot – Exec. Prods., – nodebit, voidzero Adam Curry – Carolyn and Fletcher welcome to the smoker The PodFather Adam Curry, host of No Agenda, Moe Factz w/ Adam Curry and Podcasting 2.0. NOTES http://newpodcastapps.com This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  • Hog Story #194 – Dialed Trust

    Hog Story #194 – Dialed Trust – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, Laren, Daniel White, quirkess, GummyNerds, Lavish, Boo-Bury, NetNed – Carolyn and Fletcher discuss offer to Roger Waters, the world’s first selfie, Justin Bieber meets President Macron, Mozart, your voicemails and much more! NOTES National Selfie Day https://web.archive.org/web/20140707153712/http://publicdomainreview.org/collections/robert-cornelius-self-portrait-the-first-ever-selfie-1839/ Roger Waters offer https://variety.com/2021/music/news/roger-waters-facebook-pink-floyd-1234997214/ Painting by David […]

  • A Hog Story Convo: Water All the Elites

    Hog Story Convo with Darren O’Neill – Water All the Elites – Exec. Prods. Carolyn Blaney, John Fletcher, and Darren O’Neill – We discuss such a wide range of topics with the great Darren O that I can’t remember enough for this little blurb. Thanks and enjoy!

  • Hog Story #43 – Dead, Dead, Dead

    Hog Story S1E43 Dead, Dead, Dead – Exec. Prods. – Nodebit, SirMathieu the Mapper, Sir and Dame Bemrose, Darren O’Neill – Carolyn and John discuss a wide range of topics including, beer, China’s National Day Celebration, and so much more

  • Harambe Humperdink

    Harambe Humperdink – Exec. Prods. Thomas Nussbaum, Carolyn Blaney and John Fletcher – Hog Story conversation with Archduke Thomas Nussbaum of No Agenda fame. We discuss a wide range of topics including defibrilators, Harambe, Elon Musk, and so much more