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  • Hog Story #347 – Gas Nippers

    Hog Story #347 – Gas Nippers

    Hog Story #347 – Gas Nippers – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, AT, SirCandinavian, Sharky, Able Kirby, NetNed, Dirty Jersey Whore, Wiirdo, NetNed, Able Kirby – Carolyn and Fletcher discuss dolphin experiences, petroleum gas, eating bugs, your voicemails and much more! Felon at a Factory NOTES Dolphin Energy Cold Read https://inspection.canada.ca/inspect-and-protect/food-safety/edible-insects/eng/1632237657892/1632245370544 Bug Restaurants http://www.gastrobug.com/restaurants-that-serve-insects/ Minerals and…