Hog Story #312 – Internet Chain Smoker

Hog Story #312 – Internet Chain Smoker – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, John C. Dvorak, cbrooklyn112, AbleKirby, SirOma, coldacid, phifer, Boolysteed, Tom Starkweather, NetNed – Fletcher and Carolyn welcome special guest John C. Dvorak in the smoker for lively discussion mostly with Fletcher when Carolyn’s internet wasn’t down. Curtains are a box fan


John C. Dvorak hosts podcasts No Agenda with Adam Curry and DH Unplugged with Andrew Horowitz

No Agenda – https://www.noagendashow.net/

DH Unplugged – https://www.dhunplugged.com/

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